What kind of Foreigner are you?

Some kind of Hoochie – Coochie Dancer?blockqu

— Colonel Proctor Stamp, Around the World in Eighty Days

Camping with a View Kids

While there are plenty of websites that offer up campground reviews, very few focus specifically on the best campsites within a campground. It’s especially hard to pick your perfect campsite if the campground requires site specific reservations but only provides an often times not-so-accurate generic campground map to make a choice. Measurements are not always accurate, trees are not accounted for, and what looks like potentially an amazing view is blocked by dense shrubbery.

With the increase in larger rvs with multiple slide-outs on the road today, it’s important now more than ever to pre-plan the logistics and maneuvering into a selected site. Nothing provides better understanding than visuals like photos and aerial maps.

Other requirements I consider for picking the perfect campsite are wi-fi accessibility, TV antennae strength (for others, it’s satellite), shade if it’s hot along with the position of the rv at sunrise and sunset, and proximity to amenities like the swimming pool and laundry. This is not an extensive list, but hopefully I’ve highlighted some key points to consider to make sure you are Camping with a View too!


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